Perlana cleans up with a data-driven CTV campaign

May 13, 20243 minute read
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Build awareness of the Perlana laundry brand in Italy: that was Henkel’s mission. And the campaign was a huge success, reaching the right audience and elevating the brand through digital marketing innovations in Connected TV. Read The Trade Desk case study to learn more.

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“Working with The Trade Desk has enabled us to significantly evolve our approach to promoting Perlana laundry detergent. And we are very happy with the results. We will use these new insights to expand our targeting efforts across touchpoints and enhance the relevance of our brands to consumers.”

Matteo Giarrizzo

Head of Media & Digital Italy, Greece & Cyprus at Henkel


Precisely target the right audiences for Perlana laundry detergent

Innovation is in Henkel’s DNA. From the company’s earliest days, its goal has always been to create products and technologies that make life easier – and better. Fast forward 145 years, and Henkel’s innovations are enriching the lives of millions of people.

When it came to building awareness of its Perlana laundry detergent in Italy, Henkel worked with its agency, OMD Italy, to explore digital marketing innovations that would enable them to target the right audiences more precisely than it had in previous campaigns. The brand also wanted to measure the impact of its advertising – in other words, whether people would consider buying the product.


Running first-party data segments on premium CTV inventory

To identify the right audiences, the team drew on a combination of data-driven strategies. These included leveraging the company’s first-party data (along with valuable third-party data providers) to create segments of people interested in fashion, home cleaning, and beauty, as well as those who had purchased laundry detergents or products in the green living category.

To better reach these audiences, the team chose to run its campaign on Connected TV (CTV) through our platform, which gave them access to a marketplace of premium CTV inventory.

To help improve the accuracy of its targeting, the team used our Cross Device Graph to find scalable audiences through CTV. Then, by using our AI tool, Koa, they optimised performance (Completion Rate) and leveraged our capability to connect and link data in the CTV environment.

Henkel also ran a Brand Lift Study with our partner, Happydemics, to better understand how its campaign impacted real business outcomes.


Reached almost 300,000 unique users with programmatic CTV

Henkel’s programmatic CTV campaign succeeded in reaching and engaging its desired audiences. It delivered 964,000 impressions, reached almost 300,000 unique users, and achieved a 97% video completion rate.

According to the Brand Lift Study, the campaign increased awareness and consideration of the company’s Perlana laundry detergent. 52% of consumers surveyed and exposed to the ad remembered it – 17 percentage points above the benchmark. What’s more, consumers who remembered the ad also demonstrated 7% higher brand preference, 34% more positive brand perception, and 18% higher brand consideration for future purchases than consumers who weren’t exposed to the ad.

Based on the insights from its data-driven CTV campaign, Henkel plans to build on the success of its strategy – by retargeting consumers exposed to its ads across more touchpoints and increasing consideration.

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