Govee DOOH Retargeting Case Study

Govee harnesses DOOH to shine a light on its smart home products

Govee is one of the fastest-growing digital consumer electronics companies in the U.S. To continue its growth, the brand needed to find innovative ways to boost brand awareness and sales. So for its newest campaign, it used a DOOH media strategy to drive more website traffic and conversions, with The Trade Desk's demand-side platform lighting the way.


Founded in 2017, Govee has rapidly carved a niche in the realm of smart home products with its ambient lighting solutions, home appliances, and internet of things systems. The company has gone from being a promising startup to one of the fastest-growing digital consumer electronics companies in the U.S. in just seven years.¹

To continue its phenomenal growth trajectory, Govee and its agency, Sino Interactive, needed to find innovative and impactful ways to boost brand awareness and sales in the U.S. Recognising the evolution of consumer habits and the allure of dynamic advertising landscapes, they decided to use digital out-of-home (DOOH) media as part of a new campaign that also included display advertising to further engage with audiences.

The campaign marked the first time Govee used DOOH ads, so it was crucial that the company could measure the effectiveness of this media channel in achieving results. This is something that Govee had previously found difficult to prove through traditional OOH advertising. By partnering with The Trade Desk, the company was able to easily measure how DOOH helped drive website visits and conversions.


Govee launched the DOOH phase of the campaign in June 2023, buying and activating ad placements programmatically via The Trade Desk’s demand-side platform. The platform’s location targeting capability enabled Govee to run ads on 233 screens at seven different venue types across three U.S. states: Florida, Michigan, and Texas. The company then retargeted people who were exposed to its DOOH ads with display banner advertising that was designed to drive them to its website.

Govee gained several benefits from using The Trade Desk’s platform. These included access to premium DOOH inventory at scale across a variety of providers as well as the ability to streamline the activation process using integrated technologies and intuitive workflows. The platform also enabled Govee to target audiences in specific locations and easily measure the real business impact of its DOOH ads.

Furthermore, the platform enabled Govee to create a more holistic user journey by engaging with potential customers at multiple touchpoints (DOOH and display). This also allowed the company to tell a more sequential brand story and foster trust among consumers with consistent messaging.


The DOOH phase of the campaign succeeded in capturing the attention of U.S. consumers. It delivered a massive 10.2 million audience impressions across Florida, Michigan, and Texas in just over four weeks.

Govee discovered that DOOH not only helped drive significantly more consumers to the company’s websites, but it also had a long-lasting impact. The number of site visits in all three states was 1.1 times higher during the campaign and 1.43 times higher immediately after the campaign, compared to other states that weren’t targeted with DOOH ads.

In addition to boosting Govee’s website traffic, DOOH played a major role in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Florida, Michigan, and Texas achieved a combined conversion rate lift of 28.3 percent – 1.37 times higher than states that weren’t targeted with DOOH ads.²

Three targeted states with DOOH campaign saw a 1.37x higher conversion rate

The partnership between Govee and The Trade Desk marked a pivotal shift in the company’s advertising endeavors. This collaboration not only enriched Govee’s media strategy in the U.S., but also showcased how DOOH can ultimately drive higher conversions as an upper funnel media channel.

As the smart home market continues to expand, the foundations laid by this partnership promise lucrative opportunities for Govee in the years to come.

‘Partnering with The Trade Desk transformed our approach to advertising, bringing unparalleled precision and impact to our U.S. campaign. Their platform not only amplified our brand but also provided tangible insights that solidified DOOH as a cornerstone of our future marketing strategies. ’

Ivy Hu

Media Manager, Govee