Awareness of Eurowings Holidays takes off, thanks to ARP

June 26, 20243 minute read

Eurowings is well known for its affordable flights. However, most people don’t realise they also offer package holidays. This campaign was set to change that. The challenge was how to drive awareness of Eurowings Holidays using more precise targeting – while reaching as many holidaymakers and beachgoers possible. Watch our video case study to see how the airline did it.

Black text displaying key results from Eurowings x The Trade Desk case study


Raising awareness of Eurowings Holidays

The team chose digital out-of-home (DOOH) because it knew that this channel can help drive reach. But it also wanted to target the brand’s audience with greater precision, in a way they could actively track and measure.

For that, Eurowings activated our Audience Reach Percentage (ARP) feature. This enabled them to optimise their DOOH spend on the most relevant screens for their audience and, more importantly, inspire potential customers to book a package holiday.


Driving bookings and delivering measurable results with DOOH ARP

Eurowings’ leveraged their first-party data and combined it with the third-party data on our platform to identify and expand the audience of potential holidaymakers. Then, by leveraging our ARP feature, Eurowings and Zenith were able to optimise according to cities and individual locations, delivering impressions to screens where the highest number of package holidaymakers were likely to be present or passing by.

Moving away from programmatic guaranteed and into decisioned media allowed the brand to benefit from a deeper understanding of its customers and draw more granular conclusions around geo insights, conversions, and screen delivery. Through this approach, the teams were able to measure conversions directly from the DOOH campaign. And the results were impressive.

By activating ARP, Eurowings and Zenith were able to reach over 3.5 times their target audience – and the brand saw four holiday bookings for every 1,000 impressions served.

Inspired by the outcome, Eurowings plans to use ARP for future campaigns. It would like to test other capabilities and approaches, such as the impact of first-party data targeting and retargeting segments. And as it only ran the DOOH campaign in four cities, the team would like to widen geotargeting to see which additional screens could prove effective at reaching audiences interested in travel.

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