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Enhancing identity at scale with ID5

Shaping the future of identity at The Trade Desk

In the dynamic world of advertising, identity is a cornerstone for success. Evolving privacy regulations and the anticipated deprecation of third-party cookies are driving significant industry changes that require innovative approaches to identity resolution.

Identity, consumer privacy, and consumer data usage are nuanced across the globe, so each region requires its own identity approach. Recognising the unique needs of Europe, The Trade Desk has taken significant strides to redefine the landscape: We announced an integration with ID5, an industry leader of identity resolution across Europe. By partnering with this identity provider, we aim to ensure that advertisers can unlock a wide range of identity solutions without reliance on third-party cookies. The integration covers three focus areas surrounding the future of identity: probabilistic IDs and scale across cookie-free browsers, cross-device extension and frequency control, and publisher authentication with European Unified ID (EUID).

A regional approach to identity resolution in Europe with ID5

Identity Alliance, our cross-device graph consisting of leading identity graph providers, employs a regional approach to identity resolution that accommodates the complexity and nuances of different markets within Europe, acknowledging that identity is not a one-size-fits-all solution. By collaborating with top identity partners like ID5, we have created a diverse ecosystem that brings together proprietary technology and objectivity focused on finding the most precise connections between publisher inventory, advertiser audiences, and consumer devices.

ID5’s graph, inclusive of their ID5 ID, can help marketers increase addressability on cookie-free environments across the open internet (such as in Safari and Firefox browsers) up to 20 percent.

The ID5 ID is a probabilistic identifier that serves as a versatile solution for advertisers operating in browser environments. It is derived from a combination of soft signals such as IP addresses and user agents. This approach can allow marketers to establish cross-device and cross-browser connections, with the goal of maximising reach and engagement.

The combination of ID5’s graph and identifier can provide advertisers with enhanced value, relevance, and addressability. With a focus on both data-driven insights and privacy standards, this strategic alliance aims to drive interest, excitement, and adoption of Identity Alliance across the region.

Building the future of identity at The Trade Desk

ID5 and ID5 ID have deep roots in Europe, across publishers that are leaning into the value exchange of the open internet with the goal of supporting addressability in the future. The final piece of the ID5 integration with The Trade Desk includes the ability for ID5 integrated publishers to more easily create EUIDs with their authenticated audiences while still leveraging ID5 for unauthenticated user sessions.

At The Trade Desk, we believe that in a post-cookie ecosystem, no single ID will rule them all. Instead, a combination of privacy-conscious, precise IDs available to marketers will likely replace the third-party cookie and its use cases. Our partnership with ID5 is just the first step towards supporting identity in Europe.

Future integrations hold the promise of aiming to expand addressability, enhance targeting precision, and unlock new opportunities for advertisers. Our dedication to developing business, product, and privacy perspectives on these potential integrations demonstrates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that can help drive results.

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