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Edifier turns up the volume on sales and success with programmatic advertising

Headquartered in China, Edifier is an audio equipment manufacturer that specializes in personal and home entertainment. They needed an innovative way to amplify sales on a leading global e-commerce platform. Powering up with a tailored strategy to close the loop, they tuned in audience habits and needs with Inferred Brand Intent on The Trade Desk, achieving greater ad effectiveness, sales, and impact.

Advertiser: Edifier | Agency: Meetsocial Group

Third-party data, site targeting, contextual targeting, The Trade Desk’s Inferred Brand Intent solution

Edifier Case Study results

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Edifier is an audio equipment manufacturer specializing in speakers, music systems, and headphones for personal and home entertainment. For greater growth, the company needed to improve its sales on a leading global e-commerce platform. But limitations in the installment of advertising pixels made optimizing based on user interactions or transactions very difficult. This meant Edifier had trouble obtaining the data insights needed to adjust their campaign performance midflight and to make every ad dollar work harder.

The company also wanted to explore innovative solutions and align its marketing initiatives with an advanced targeting strategy for branding campaigns — which they found on The Trade Desk.


Together with agency Sino Interactive, Edifier came up with a strategy that relied on The Trade Desk’s platform to purchase display ads across the open internet over two weeks.

During the campaign, Edifier used third-party audience targeting to reach its key audience: business travellers over 30 in the U.S. At the same time, site targeting focused on a combination of top technology and sports sites in the U.S. that appealed to men within this demographic.

The company also leveraged contextual targeting — with customized categories like “earphones,” “consumer electronics,” competitor brands and product names, and relevant search-engine keywords — to reach the right audience.


It didn’t just stop at strategy. To close the loop, Edifier activated The Trade Desk’s Inferred Brand Intent (IBI) solution, a mid-funnel measurement tool. IBI helped Edifier understand how the campaign’s ads influenced consumers’ desire to research content related to the company’s offering — in this case, audio gear.

Using IBI was simple. Edifier applied a small set of keywords that reflected how its target audience might research the brand after seeing the ad. The search words ranged from the brand name to the product/service to contextually relevant terms.

The tool counted the increase in visits to web content containing these keywords as mid-funnel conversions. In this way, Edifier measured how their ads engaged and encouraged customers to learn more about the brand and product before they made a purchase.

Edifier also tuned in with the right audiences, guiding them further down the sales funnel with The Trade Desk’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Koa™. With Koa, Edifier gained a comprehensive understanding of its customers, tested and refined marketing strategies, and measured the success of its other initiatives using mid-funnel metrics.


The results spoke volumes. IBI’s conversion data helped Edifier gain insight into the people who engaged with its ads and the actions they took. Key takeaways uncovered that Edifier’s ads influenced more than 16,000 individuals to browse content related to the word “sound.” Other high-conversion keywords
include “studio” (8,902), “audio” (3,728), and “speaker” (2,155), along with competitor-related keywords like “Alexa” (8,738), “Beats” (2,588), and “Airpod” (2,177).

IBI conversions by keyword: industry

How else did Edifier benefit from IBI? The tool allowed them to bridge the gap between brand awareness and consideration, as lower-funnel results were amplified.

  • 100% increase in search-engine trends on the brand’s keywords
  • 3x increase in page views on the platform
  • 67% increase in add-to-cart rate
  • 51% increase in purchases on the e-commerce platform
  • 13% increase in index rankings for brand awareness and consideration

In collaborating closely with The Trade Desk, Edifier now has a heightened understanding of how audiences research audio gear and make purchase decisions. So, they can optimize ad creatives and targeting strategies for all future campaigns – driving audiences deeper into the sales funnel, leading to sales results that will truly be music to their ears.

“We’re now way more in tune with our audience’s behavior and actions, and the impact of our ads, all thanks to The Trade Desk’s programmatic data-driven targeting and Inferred Brand Intent solutions. Seeing customers’ activities on our website, we now know what they’re researching, and when they do so. Such level of detail is a game changer to our business.”

Cedric Liu

Global Marketing Manager, Edifier