CTV audience accelerator best practices

Tips for how to power your Connected TV campaigns with linear TV data

It’s no surprise the TV landscape has transformed. We’ve seen a fundamental shift in how people watch, from the explosive growth of Connected TV (CTV) viewership to the launch of new streaming platforms. As the switch to streaming continues, how can you ensure you’re reaching the right viewers as they move fluidly across screens, platforms, and devices?

Accelerate Your CTV Campaigns with TV Ad Exposure and Viewership Data

When it comes to activating linear TV data to inform your CTV buys, we’ve got you covered. Our new data solution, Audience Accelerator, aggregates TV ad exposure and viewership data from a variety of premium partners — all carefully vetted and selected based on quality and scale. By bringing together best-in-class data assets from these partners and mapping them to our industry-leading household graph, we can capture TV viewing insights with greater scale and precision than ever before.

This helps you put relevant messages in front of the right audience, at the right time — all while working to maximize reach and make the biggest impact.

Here are some recommendations on how you can leverage Audience Accelerator to drive the biggest impact based on your goals, accompanied by tips on how to measure results:

Incremental Reach:
Are you looking to extend your audience reach beyond linear? We recommend simply excluding your brand’s linear ad exposure segment from Audience Accelerator. This way, you can focus spend on incremental viewers that have not yet seen your ad on linear.

Measurement tip:
Use the iSpot Incremental Reach Report to measure how much incremental reach you’ve achieved on your Connected TV campaign. Since this report leverages a different data source from Audience Accelerator, excluding one segment with Audience Accelerator and measuring with data from iSpot gives a better depiction of how much incremental reach you’re achieving.

Content Viewership Prospecting:
If you know your desired audience consumes certain content, leverage Audience Accelerator viewership segments to target viewers based on content attributes like network and genre.

Measurement tip:
Use the Inventory Performance Report to see which genres your audience is watching, and which genres generate the most conversions.

Competitive Conquesting:
Are you interested in winning over your competitors’ consumers? With Audience Accelerator, you can target users who have been exposed to their linear campaigns.

Measurement tip:
Use Retargeting and Reach and Frequency Reporting to show how many unique viewers you’re reaching on CTV.

Retargeting and Sequential Messaging:
Want to make a bigger impact amongst those who have already seen your ad on linear? Use Audience Accelerator segments to retarget your viewers. Either retarget them on CTV, or you can choose to show them a sequential ad across other channels — like display, or mobile — as part of an omnichannel strategy aimed at moving consumers down the funnel towards conversion.

Measurement tip:
Use Reach and Frequency Reporting to show how many unique viewers you’re reaching on CTV, and leverage Conversion Details Reporting to understand which tactics are driving viewers down the funnel.