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Connecting the dots on your Connected TV advertising with content signals

As viewers transition away from traditional television and toward digital platforms, you have a new realm of opportunities for advertising — and maybe you’re unsure where to start. Our content signal targeting and measurement capabilities provide you with access to data points that offer a new view into your Connected TV (CTV) investments.

Our platform’s reporting can now include genre, length, livestream, rating, and production quality signals, enabling buyers to analyze performance trends in real time. With more than 80 genres available within our platform, publishers that share content signals can help their buyers understand the role that contextually relevant content can play. Additional signals, such as series or show, are also available in reporting and can be shared from the publishers.

There are three key benefits to be gained from this capability.

1. Increase transparency

With content signals, you will have a greater visibility into your investments. While seller reporting is always made available, content signals provide the added benefits of seeing key signals, like genre, when shared.

“This strategy helped us maintain clean inventory reporting.”
– Christopher Johnson, MiQ

2. Optimize performance

With this extra layer of transparency, your team can gain a better understanding of which content is driving their desired results. For instance, if comedy appears to be generating higher returns, your team can adjust their bidding strategy accordingly. Conversely, if crime-related content is failing to meet expectations, they can lower bids or completely block that genre from appearing beside their placements. Ultimately, this new optimization lever offers precision targeting for capturing more of the contextually relevant inventory that’s right for your audience.

“This additional granularity is incredibly helpful. We can now add an additional layer to our optimization levers when trying to drive actions. This also gives a way to ensure accurate targeting without relying on third-party audiences.”
– Ciaran Slattery, MiQ

3. Stay on the cutting edge

You can gain new insights into what content your audiences find most appealing. Then, taking this newfound knowledge, you can further refine and optimize your campaigns, enabling you to create messaging strategies that truly resonate with viewers. This bridge between strategy and execution opens possibilities for creative solutions that engage and captivate audiences in new and meaningful ways.

“This has been extremely useful in providing insights to clients that haven’t been historically possible! Awesome to see CTV transparency moving in the right direction!”
– Chris Wright, MiQ

To learn more about content signals, visit the Knowledge Portal. To test content signals today, please reach out to your account manager at The Trade Desk.