Bosch builds robust Connected TV campaign using first-party data


How can you make the right people aware of and confident in your products? That was the challenge facing Bosch Professional. For this Connected TV campaign, Bosch leaned into who it knows best – its existing customers – by using its first-party data to identify, build, and reach a broader audience of like-minded, experienced tradespeople. Here’s how they got on.

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Using authenticated first-party data to identify, reach, and engage audiences

Bosch Professional ultimately wanted to increase it visibility and engagement among consumers. But how might they get there?

The team knew that first-party data is rich in customer insights that can enable brands to create a better, more impactful advertising experience. That’s why they planned to use their authenticated first-party data more strategically to ensure their Connected TV (CTV) activity reached and engaged with their target audience as effectively (and persuasively) as possible.


Driving brand visibility with accurate planning and audience segmentation

Using our Audience Predictor (a feature of our AI, Koa™), Bosch Professional was able to easily enhance the reach of its first-party data, building lookalike segments made up of people who share similar attributes to the brand’s most valuable customers.

The team onboarded its own shopper data on our platform, and leveraged our household graph, mapping its audiences against the leading ID solutions of our Identity Alliance. This meant we could group audiences and devices into households – and reach them accordingly through CTV.

Finally, running the campaign through our platform enabled Bosch Professional’s team to use our cross-publisher frequency controls, helping to make sure their audience saw the ads just the right number of times. The three-ads-per-day-per-household frequency cap led to measurable media savings for the brand as well, which it could use to reach net-new households.

By following milestones, continuously analysing the data, and optimising towards performance, the team executed a successful campaign. And, thanks to frequency controls, they were able to use the saved budget to help reach triple the number of households. Plus, the 93% view-through rate (VTR – indicating how many people watched a skippable ad all the way through) reflected substantial viewing interest and promising potential for future sales.

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