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Get direct, transparent access to inventory from leading premium publishers, right from our platform.


Leveling the playing field for the entire industry

OpenPath gives our clients a simplified, direct connection to participating premium publishers across the open internet. By supporting an objective, transparent supply path, OpenPath helps to maximize value for everyone involved.


Why the time is right for OpenPath

We built OpenPath because we saw an opportunity to radically simplify the supply chain, adding more transparency and reducing the number of intermediaries required in the process. This doesn’t just help advertisers better understand the value they’re getting from each impression, but it can also cut costs and improve operational efficiencies.


Get enhanced visibility into the source, supply path, and value of each impression — enabling better decision-making and building on our commitment to trust.


We only represent the buy side. So you can be confident this path will be evaluated by the same efficiency standards as all of our supply connections.


By eliminating unnecessary steps in the supply chain, OpenPath helps you lower costs to make the most of your working media dollars and reduce operational complexity.

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