Identity solutions

Future-proof your identity strategy

Leverage advanced identity solutions across each stage of activation and measurement without relying on third-party cookies.

4 graphs are better than 1

Identity Alliance increases your campaigns' precision and scale with the industry’s four leading graphs to connect identifiers, devices, people, and households across all environments.

Connect channels

Our cross-device graph provides a unified view of your customers across channels and devices.

Orange graphic showing a person with dotted lines out to symbols for various channel types

Avoid ad overload

Manage frequency to advertise more efficiently while maintaining unparalleled reach.

Two people in a bubble on the right, to the left, a graphic of ad overload on The Trade Desk

Close the loop

Use reporting to measure frequency savings, lower funnel conversions, and channel-level performance.

Purple graphic displaying a bar chart with various channel types per bar

Work with cutting-edge identity solutions

Improve the consumer experience while fueling future-proof marketing tactics for activation, targeting, and measurement.

  • Unified ID 2.0

    An open-source identifier for the entire ecosystem to support a more privacy-conscious internet.

  • European Unified ID

    A unique solution for Europe to meet evolving regional regulations.

Maintain targeting without cookies

Use first-party identifiers like Unified ID 2.0 and European Unified ID as a seed for modeling and lookalikes to find, reach, and scale against unknown users — without third-party cookies.

Gray background with a laptop displaying maintaining targeting on The Trade Desk

Activate your first-party data faster with Galileo

Easily onboard your CRM data to gain insights into your audience’s behaviors, preferences, and needs to make smarter media buys across the open internet.

Stay up to date on the evolving identity landscape