Put your data to work from anywhere. Match with audiences everywhere.

Securely onboard, activate, and scale your first party data across the open internet with Galileo.

Introducing Galileo

Discover three ways our new all-in-one CRM data solution makes onboarding, activating, and scaling your first-party audiences easy.

What makes Galileo different

Other proposed first-party data solutions can’t deliver the transparency and objectivity advertisers need, instead creating an internet of mini walled gardens and more black-box measurement. Galileo harnesses the interoperability of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) to help advertisers match their data easily and execute truly omnichannel campaigns across the open internet.


Reduce friction and fragmentation by connecting CRM data and deterministic IDs with a single, secure identifier.

Omnichannel activation

Match audiences across publishers, platforms, devices, and channels, including Connected TV.

Holistic management

Control frequency so you don’t waste ad spend reaching the same audience too many times in too many places.

Open measurement

Measure performance in your clean room of choice or with our marketplace of UID2 partners.

How it works

Galileo can fit into the simplest or most complex advertiser workflows. Whether you’re managing CRM data in-house or using a customer data platform (CDP) or clean room, we’ve built integrations across leading platforms for audience segmentation and measurement.

Case studies

Learn more about how our clients and partners have leveraged UID2 to reach their audiences.

Sinyi Realty brings multichannel data-driven strategy to life using one-stop programmatic shop

Learn how Sinyi Realty’s multichannel programmatic strategy maximized reach, built awareness, and boosted key engagement metrics.

Couple with a real estate agent, holding a clip board and viewing a house.

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