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What is mobile advertising?

Mobile ads help you reach audiences on smartphones and tablets, either in-app or through a browser. They also give you access to many of the same formats as desktop — including display, video, audio, and native.

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Why advertise on mobile?

More than any other technology, mobile devices reflect the personalities and preferences of the people using them. Now you can tap into that personal connection with programmatic ads on mobile.

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The advantages of advertising on mobile

Advanced targeting

Optimize campaigns by targeting across ad environments; apps and app categories; location; device make and model; and operating system.

Premium inventory

Access high-quality inventory from 30+ mobile-specific partners across the open exchange, private marketplace, and programmatic guaranteed.

Precise geofencing

Drive traffic to your brick and mortar stores by serving up geo-specific ads to audiences who live and work nearby — or are just visiting the area.

Cross-device measurement

Measure the impact of your strategy across the entire customer journey, crediting conversions to the right channel and device.

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