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Guide your campaigns with actionable, data-driven recommendations from beginning to end.

Every ad campaign starts with your business objectives. With our industry-leading AI, Koa™, you can achieve those goals and drive performance. By analyzing data from across the internet, Koa surfaces insights and recommendations to make sure you’re setting your campaigns up for success. Once campaigns are live, Koa automatically optimizes performance and spend to ensure that you’re reaching your audience on the right media, in the most efficient and effective way.

Unlike other AI tools, Koa is completely adjustable — you control how Koa works to drive performance for your campaigns. And every action Koa takes is visible in our platform, so you can see which optimizations have been made and why, gathering insights and taking action as needed.

AI is only as intelligent as the data it's built on

When you use Koa, you’re tapping in to data analyzed from over 600 billion queries each day — more than 100 times the volume of global search.

Bring more data to your decision-making with Koa AI

Pay the right price for every impression and reach audiences with greater precision — all while getting greater transparency into every optimization and its potential impact on performance.

See Koa in action

With Solimar, we're able to set up to three different KPIs, this has helped us improve our branding and performance campaigns, covering strategies for every stage of the funnel.

Bruna S., Programmatic Campaign Manager, Mindshare