The new era of OTT: Is your brand tuned in?

What’s driving the shift in today’s digital advertising landscape? Over-the-top (OTT) – one of the fastest-growing media channels in Southeast Asia. Download our latest report to discover how forward-thinking brands are using OTT to their advantage, and easy ways to help you get started.

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Marketers are now investing in OTT more than ever

Today’s viewers have changed – they're digital natives (44% of whom are Gen Zers and younger millennials) who tune in to OTT more than 4 hours each day.1 Read on to find out how marketers are targeting where their audiences are watching and making their ad dollars work harder.​

Sources: ​1 The Trade Desk and Kantar, The Savvy Marketer’s 2023 Guide for OTT Advertising in Southeast Asia.​
*The Trade Desk Intelligence and Milieu Insight, The Future of TV is with OTT: Marketer's Edition, research fielded June 2023.
A collection of the top shows from our partners RCTI+, CH3+, oneD, TrueID, Vidio, WeTV, iQiyi.

What draws brands to advertise on OTT? Improved brand performance.

With its ability to reach audiences through precision, flexibility, and measurement never seen before, OTT is quickly becoming a channel of choice for market leaders; in fact, 98% of them believe that OTT has improved brand performance.3 This has changed the way today’s marketers are getting ahead with their marketing strategies.

Source: 3The Trade Desk Intelligence and Milieu Insight, The Future of TV is with OTT: Marketer’s Edition, research fielded June 2023.​

Harness the power of omnichannel with OTT

Consumers’ digital journeys are spread across tens to hundreds of touchpoints every day. Modern marketers require a smarter, more holistic solution to bring their brand stories to life and create a unified customer experience across omnichannel campaigns. Today, 45% of marketers are leveraging the power of OTT advertising to increase brand impact through their marketing strategies.4

Source: 4The Trade Desk Intelligence and Milieu Insight, The Future of TV is with OTT: Marketer’s Edition, research fielded June 2023.

Why is OTT advertising more effective on The Trade Desk?​

Built for data-driven marketers, our demand-side platform is here to empower you with the right tools for full control and transparency over your digital campaign – giving you true frequency capping and helping you decide exactly how often your ads appear across all publishers. Close the loop between ad spend and sales with retail data as you reach those who matter most.

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Future of TV - Marketers Edition 2023

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