The future of advertising is on the open internet

Learn how you can make a bigger impact where Australians are engaged online.

Advertise where consumers spend most of their time online

As content on the open internet flourishes, Australians have embraced the open internet faster than advertisers. Take advantage of the opportunities in this increasingly ad-supported space.

Data visualization displaying where Australian consumers spend time online vs where ad budgets are going

Source: The Trade Desk Intelligence, November 2023

An open strategy for every brand​

Listening to music and podcasts, browsing websites and streaming TV shows, movies, and live sports — that’s what draws Australians to the open internet. And if your brand isn’t right there with them, you’re missing countless opportunities for greater impact.​

Infographic displaying The Open Internet vs Walled Gardens with device types

Source: The Trade Desk Intelligence, November 2023

Create brand trust with premium content

For consumers, context matters. Ads can benefit from a halo effect when they’re run alongside content that’s perceived to be more credible.

Data visualization displaying Australian consumers and their trust depending on what media channel a brand advertises on

Source: The Trade Desk Intelligence, November 2023

Advertise where consumers are engaged online

Australians are expressing they feel informed and attentive when consuming content on open internet channels such as Broadcast Video On Demand, music streaming, news, and websites. It’s time to put your dollars where it matters most.

Data visualization displaying "Where are Australians engaged online"

Source: The Trade Desk Intelligence, November 2023


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