New Research Shows Importance of Streaming and Timing to Reach UAE Residents During Ramadan

65 Percent of UAE Residents Watch Streaming Content at Least Once a Day

Dubai – 8 March 2023 Sixty-five percent of United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents watch streaming content daily, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 UAE residents by global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk. The research conducted in partnership with market research company YouGov demonstrates the importance of reaching consumers through Connected TV (CTV) during Ramadan.

The survey highlights a shift toward CTV, as streaming content accounts for an average 11 percent of weekly time spent. In fact, UAE respondents claim they spend more time on premium video streaming per week versus most social media channels. What’s more, 36 percent of respondents said they plan to spend more time on their phones, making mobile a key channel to effectively reach audiences over this period. This suggests an untapped opportunity for marketers to connect with highly engaged consumers through these channels.

“Ramadan is a unique opportunity for brands to build presence and celebrate their shared values with consumers,” says Terry Kane, Managing Director Middle East & Africa, The Trade Desk. “Our Ramadan research provides great insights into consumer behaviour and media consumption during this special time of year. Those who celebrate Ramadan are expected to stream more video at night and shop during the day throughout the holy month. This provides an opportunity for marketeers to plan and pace their omni-channel campaigns across different devices throughout the day in order to reach audiences with precision where they are consuming media.”

Along with the shift toward CTV, digital out-of-home (DOOH) and retail are expected to be critical during Ramadan as marketers look for multiple touchpoints along the consumer journey to better engage consumers. According to the research data, 71 percent of UAE residents who see ads on outdoor billboards say they recall the brand or product in the ad, highlighting the importance of this channel for brand awareness campaigns. In addition, the research shows that as many as 65 percent of respondents will likely increase spending online during Ramadan with about a third of those respondents planning to spend more online than usual. Forty-five percent of UAE residents surveyed plan to spend more on food and beverages during the holy month, and 46 percent of UAE residents plan to make purchases within the apparel and fashion product segment.

Terry Kane ads: “The shift toward a more digital world is inevitable as consumers shift their attention more to digital channels. And this works in the marketeer’s favour. Digital marketing campaigns enable brands to work with an ad tech partner to understand who was exposed to an ad, even across devices. In addition, advertisers can apply more data science to their advertising, making it more relevant to the consumer.”

Intent to travel peaks around Ramadan

The research data also shows a significant peak in travel around Ramadan with 43 percent of those who intend to travel claimed to plan their travel a month before Ramadan, and 40 percent plan the month after. Sixty-one percent of those who intend to travel said they plan on travelling during Ramadan, with 60% looking to go abroad and 53% staying locally.