It’s time to rethink reach

To make better campaign decisions, you need better data signals. We can help.

Innovative new metrics can help you get more value from your media

Reach is an important metric, but measuring it alone leaves crucial questions unanswered. Who did you reach? Did you reach them in a quality content environment? Did your campaign drive real business results?

With our Kokai release, we have introduced new, objective measurement offerings to help you answer these questions, make better planning decisions, and prove the impact of your media investments.

Choose the most premium inventory with the TV Quality Index (TVQI)

TV is the centerpiece of an omnichannel campaign, but not all TV impressions are equal. The TVQI helps you quantify the quality of your ad placements and buy more of what works for your campaign.

A letter board reads "Inventory - TV Quality Index"

Compare your reach to your best customers with the Quality Reach Index (QRI)

You might have one target audience, but there are countless ways to reach them. QRI helps you determine which campaign strategies are most effective at reaching the people you value most.

A letter board reads "Audiences - Quality Reach Index"

Connect your campaigns to sales with the Retail Sales Index (RSI)

You want to see how your campaigns impact real-world sales, but it’s hard to get a consolidated view of your sales data from multiple retail partners. RSI connects your campaigns to aggregate sales data from our network of top retailers to help you see what’s working and drive more impact.

A letter board reads "Sales – Retail Sales Index"

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