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Today, TV has changed dramatically. While the popularity of paid streaming platforms continues to rise, free-to-air TV still holds a captive audience amongst Australians. With consumer attention divided across multiple platforms, find out why more marketers than ever are choosing broadcast video on demand (BVOD) to stay connected with the right audiences, and make every ad dollar work harder.

Tuning in to where Australians are watching

BVOD is Australia’s fastest-growing media channel. What does that mean for advertisers? With reach, scale, and effectiveness, BVOD is driving the shift to digital platforms, and leading brands are adapting their strategies to stay ahead.

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Gen Z is leading the switch to BVOD

When it comes to viewing habits, millions of Australians have tuned in to BVOD. Amongst them, Gen Z is most likely to watch BVOD regularly, with 37% of them planning to move beyond linear TV in the next five years. ⁵ ​ Leading advertisers have taken notice and are investing in BVOD more than ever, as its advertising revenue continues to increase, achieving 23.5% growth year on year. ⁶

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The future of TV is BVOD

To reach the right audiences on the right platforms at the right time, you need to embrace a multichannel digital strategy to overcome fragmented viewing habits, making informed decisions to optimise your ad spend. ​ ​ Brands are seeing results on BVOD, where they can leverage both the data-driven advantages of digital platforms and the trust and receptivity of linear TV.

‘BVOD remains Australia’s fastest-growing media channel, and for good reason: It offers reach, scale, and effectiveness. More advertisers are coming to understand BVOD’s power to shift sales just as more consumers are livestreaming TV content more often.’

Kim Portrate

‘TV as a device is the most impactful for building memory structures from an attention point of view. With BVOD, you essentially get all that without having to pay the entry price of linear, plus you get the data overlay.’

Ben Oliver
Senior Manager of Digital Media
Treasury Wine Estates

Source: The Trade Desk and Insights Exchange, Future of TV 2023.

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