Get more value from your TV investment

In a world where the smartest advertising dollar wins, Connected TV (CTV) can help you use data to reach your audience when and where it matters most — and understand the true value of each impression.

See why leading brands are pressing play on CTV

Find out how leading brands and agencies count on the fast-growing channel to reach new customers and drive real business results.

Driving interest with the next generation of luxury car buyers

Learn how Lexus reached 15 million incremental households with a holistic CTV strategy.

Every industry is seeing the benefits of CTV


Learn how CTV has emerged as the new favorite for candidates and political parties looking to reach their most coveted audiences.


See how adding CTV to an omnichannel strategy can create even more opportunities for CPG brands to reach new customers.


Active car shoppers spend 3.25x more time on digital platforms outside of social media each day. Find out how you can reach them on channels like CTV. (Source: GlobalWebIndex U.S., Q2 2021 to Q2 2022. Audience: In-market to purchase a vehicle.)

Independent agencies

More than ever, independent agencies are thinking outside the cable box, increasing their CTV spend on our platform by nearly 50 percent year over year. (Source: The Trade Desk platform spend for independent agencies, U.S. 2022.)

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Maximize the impact of your Connected TV advertising

Find out how our TV Quality Index can help you understand and prioritize more premium ad experiences, which can lead to better engagement and higher ROI.


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One-upping the competition with live sports on Connected TV

The era of cord-cutting in live sports is upon us, and fans are leading the charge. Find out how Connected TV can help you reach them with more precision and control.


Unlock the potential of audience-centric measurement

Reach is a spectrum. To achieve quality reach, you should focus on audiences that align with your desired goals and business outcomes. Here’s how.

Get The Current’s take on CTV

Streaming TV has transformed how we watch television. And it’s changed the way marketers approach the most powerful medium. Learn how all in one place, with The Current’s reporting on CTV.

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