Cupshe reaches new audiences in the U.S. with data-driven Connected TV campaign

January 27, 20233 minute read


Cupshe, a direct-to-consumer swimwear brand based in China, wanted to sell its products in the highly competitive U.S. market. Though the company was active on social media platforms and at the top of swimsuit search results, these traditional digital marketing efforts were not strong enough to break through to the American shopper.

To strengthen its brand-building efforts in the U.S., Cupshe needed a new marketing channel that would allow for more precise customer targeting and higher-quality website traffic. Together with digital marketing agency BlueVision, Cupshe decided that a data-driven Connected TV (CTV) campaign would be the best way to achieve its goals.

As viewer habits shift away from linear TV, CTV is quickly emerging as an effective channel that combines the high impact of linear TV with the precision targeting of digital media. With CTV, marketers can build better brand awareness and ultimately drive more long-term business growth.

Cupshe turned to The Trade Desk — with its premium CTV inventory, precision targeting, and advanced audience and performance measurement capabilities — to help deliver their campaign.


Cupshe onboarded its first-party data onto The Trade Desk’s platform, then with the help of The Trade Desk’s Universal Pixel website tag, collected user data at a more granular level. From there, Cupshe leveraged The Trade Desk’s innovative lookalike modeling tools to find and target new audiences with similar characteristics to its existing customers.

The swimwear brand also tapped into The Trade Desk’s high-quality marketplace of leading global third-party data partners, like financial services company Mastercard. The marketplace provided Cupshe with valuable data segments to target — including swimwear shoppers and customers of competing brands — within a CTV environment.


The campaign, which was conducted during the 2022 spring season, was a successful experiment. By utilizing The Trade Desk’s CTV inventory, Cupshe not only expanded its audience reach in one of the world’s largest, most competitive swimwear markets, but it also improved performance further down the marketing funnel.

Overall, users who saw CTV ads were 3.4 times more likely to visit a checkout page on Cupshe and 3.3 times more likely to visit an “Add to bag” page than online users not exposed to the ads. Cupshe was particularly impressed with the impact of CTV on the conversion effectiveness of the social media platform, which is the brand’s main customer acquisition channel. Social media platform users who saw CTV ads were 5.1 times more likely to visit a checkout page and 5 times more likely to visit an “Add to bag” page.

Moreover, search-engine users who saw CTV ads were 2.7 times more likely to visit a checkout page on Cupshe and 2.5 times more likely to visit an “Add to bag” page. Following the success of this campaign, Cupshe is keen to explore how The Trade Desk’s platform can further their innovative brand-building efforts in the U.S.

"The Trade Desk has been instrumental in helping Cupshe realize the true potential of Connected TV. We were very impressed by its effectiveness in helping us maintain our position as a leading swimwear brand in the US"

Alice Shang
Senior Marketing Manager, Cupshe