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Unified ID 1.0

Help marketers reach more of their audience across the open internet by adopting a universal cookie ID.

Our industry needs a common cookie language

Today, when a user visits a webpage for the first time, hundreds of ad tech platforms have to sync with each other to identify that user. There’s no standardized identifier, and every player uses their own ID. This slows down page loads, drives up costs, and lowers match rates.

Let's solve this together

As the largest independent demand-side platform (DSP), we have one of the most ubiquitous cookie footprints in the world. Now, we’re giving away our proprietary ID for free.

By providing access to any DSP, supply-side platform (SSP), data management platform (DMP), or data provider, we’re laying the groundwork to scale a truly universal ID.

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Get nearly 100% accuracy across multiple devices and content providers with unified ID

The advantages of unified ID

By transacting on a universal cookie ID — rather than hundreds of disparate IDs — everyone benefits.


See more relevant advertising and faster page loads.


Reach more valuable users and get a comprehensive view of your customers.


Match more of your valuable audience data and earn more for your inventory.


Reduce operational costs from network syncs and data storage.


Get greater auction participation and make it easier for clients to hit campaign goals.

Data providers

Match supply and demand partners more accurately and earn more from your data.

Our Collaborators

"Unified ID raises the entire ad tech industry to a higher standard by improving the efficiency of cookie-based user syncing across the internet. It benefits our entire ecosystem."

- Andrew Casale, CEO, Index Exchange

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    Factual adopts The Trade Desk’s Unified ID solution

    It will be part of the location data company’s measurement pixel and aims to improve match rates across the industry chain.

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