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Marketplace Quality

Buy ads in confidence with best-in-class brand safety and fraud prevention.

Protect your brand across the open internet

Make sure your ads show up in the right places, and in front of real audiences, with our fraud and safety partnerships and products. Plus get direct access to a dedicated Marketplace Quality team.

Blocking fraud with HUMAN

In addition to our own proprietary models, we've partnered with HUMAN, an industry leading cyber security firm, to scan and block fraudulent biddable impressions before purchase. This industry-leading, platform-level integration is the first of its kind, designed to defund ad fraud at scale.

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Increasing supply chain transparency with Ads.txt and App-ads.txt

By blocking unauthorized traffic using data from the Ads.txt and App-ads.txt initiatives, our platform helps advertisers buy confidently knowing their media investments are secure across desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app environments — and publishers capture as many ad dollars as possible by preventing misrepresentation and theft.

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Boosting brand safety with industry partners

We’ve integrated with pre-bid solutions from industry-leading partners such as DoubleVerify, Grapeshot, Integral Ad Science, and Peer39 by Sizmek so you can be sure you're positioning your brands alongside desirable content.

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Creating a transparent marketplace with Gold Standard

We wanted to ensure media buyers and sellers have clear insight into and control over their transactions. So we created Gold Standard, a set of guidelines designed to help standardize the industry's billing, pricing, and data practices across supply-side platforms.

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Demystifying the supply chain with IAB Tech Lab

Transparency into the advertising supply chain is key in helping media buyers make more informed decisions. That's why we've adopted two IAB initiatives — sellers.json and SupplyChain — aimed at bringing more visibility to the entire supply network.

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