We’re transforming media for the benefit of humankind

The Trade Desk: Media for Humankind

Advertising — it’s what fuels the open internet and supports content creators, journalists, and the open exchange of information and ideas. We built our media-buying platform to power a more engaging and inspiring ecosystem for everyone.

Our mission is to transform media for the benefit of humankind. How? By helping brands deliver a more insightful and relevant ad experience for consumers, and setting a new standard for global reach, accuracy, and transparency. Learn what makes us different.


We’re on the buy side. Which is everyone’s side. We never steer you toward our own media assets, because we don’t own any. It’s that simple.


One billion. That’s how many more people you can reach with The Trade Desk than with other major media-buying platforms.


We want you to spend your ad dollars where your data leads you. That’s why we provide total transparency in measurement and reporting — so you know exactly how your campaigns are performing.


An open internet starts with an open platform. Which is why we built one. Our APIs are open too, so you get more value from your first-party data.

The whole of media should work for all of us, not just some of us.

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