Reach your audience where it matters, when it matters

Take advantage of every opportunity to connect with your customers where they spend the majority of their time online.

Meet your customers on their terms

Fact: People are spending more time across a variety of channels, and an omnichannel strategy ensures you’re reaching them at every stage of the customer journey.

Data visualisation displaying the percentage of ROI increase per additional channel on The Trade Desk

Source: Analytic Partners, ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report, 2023.

Activate your whole campaign on one platform

Guide audiences down the funnel from awareness to conversion and everything in between by seamlessly integrating your touchpoints across screens.

Unify the customer journey across devices

Our cross-device graph, Identity Alliance, ensures you can reach your audience effectively wherever they’re reading, watching, or listening.

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    Advanced targeting

    Activate audiences to improve match rates, extend reach, and implement holistic frequency controls for a better experience and increased reach efficiency.

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    Unified measurement

    Measure your advertising’s effectiveness across channels, drive performance for any campaign, and uncover actionable insights.

Campaigns using Identity Alliance see nearly 3 times the reach vs. using a single cross-device vendor

Source: The Trade Desk platform data, 2023.

Orange infographic displaying the reach results with Identity Alliance on The Trade Desk

Influence brand impact with premium experiences

Access our robust marketplace of premium inventory across all channels, leading the industry in Connected TV.

Hennessy Australia Case Study - The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk makes it possible to run full-funnel campaigns across multiple channels, but to a highly targeted audience in a way that wasn’t possible before. Their platform enabled data-driven sequential journeys across traditional and digital channels, and let us craft richer experiences and storytelling that appears to have resulted in improved effectiveness.

Gavin MerrimanMoët Hennessy
2xhigher landing-page conversion rate compared with a single-channel campaign
48%lower cost-per-action compared with a single-channel campaign