Private Marketplace (PMP)

A PMP puts you in control of your brand’s reputation. With PMP advertising, you’ll tap into the power of invitation-only, real-time auctions, which allow you to do something you can’t do in open auctions: control the sites and apps where your brand appears.

Navigate the Private Marketplace (PMP) with The Trade Desk

Advertisers access the Private Market by invitation only. With our platform, you can buy from the publisher of your choice, and easily manage all your deals while layering on all the same real-time targeting and brand-safety measures you use in Open Market auctions.

A Programmatic Private Marketplace with Thousands of Inventory Contracts

Programmatic PMP Marketing enables you to create, launch and prioritize your private contracts quickly. You can bring your first-party deals, or thanks to our vast Deal Library, choose from more than 2,000 third-party inventory contracts. These include everything from niche mobile apps to Connected TV inventory to streaming audio options. Instead of re-creating permissions for each new private contract, simplify your setup by choosing from a list of existing delivery profiles. Plus, you can generate reports by individual contracts or groups.