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Open Market - Omnichannel Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding Through The Trade Desk

The Open Market is a never-ending, high stakes, competitive online auction. You can bid (in real-time) on all sorts of digital advertising space. To compete and win in this environment, you need to be armed with the right technology, service, and conflict-free expertise.


The more deals you consider, the higher the odds you’ll find the right ones. That’s where we come in. Every second, we evaluate more than five million impressions. You can rest assured you’ll find the most effective space and pay the right price for it. Plus, you’ll benefit from direct integrations with 76 inventory sources spanning all channels, devices, and regions.


With our unique bid factoring methodology, we offer the most advanced optimization capabilities in the digital marketplace. You can narrow your targeting by time of day, temperature, ad format, recency and more. Use your intuition to refine your targets and bids, and let the machine test your ideas. Amplify your advertising strategy by leveraging more data than you ever could before. With our powerful real time bidding advertising tools, you’re on your way to unprecedented campaign performance.

Private Marketplace (PMP)

Navigate the Private Marketplace (PMP) with The Trade Desk

Advertisers access the Private Market by invitation only. With our platform, you can buy from the publisher of your choice, and easily manage all your deals while layering on all the same real-time targeting and brand-safety measures you use in Open Market auctions.

A Programmatic Private Marketplace with Thousands of Inventory Contracts

Programmatic PMP Marketing enables you to create, launch and prioritize your private contracts quickly. You can bring your first-party deals, or thanks to our vast Deal Library, choose from more than 7,000 third-party inventory contracts. These include everything from niche mobile apps to Connected TV inventory to streaming audio options. Instead of re-creating permissions for each new private contract, simplify your setup by choosing from a list of existing delivery profiles. Plus, you can generate reports by individual contracts or groups.

Futures Market: Programmatic Guaranteed

Set Direct Deals in Advance Through The Trade Desk

While real-time auctions are efficient, sometimes you need guaranteed delivery set up in advance. Now you have an alternative. Set up guaranteed direct deals with any publisher partner, and negotiate and finalize those deals with ease. Guaranteed.

Our Programmatic Guaranteed service helps you launch deals quickly every time – even during high-demand periods. You’ll build a library of high-fill contracts across nearly all publishers, channels, and formats. And the buying process couldn’t be easier. You’ll get one bill instead of invoices from multiple vendors, and easy-to-read reports that cover your whole advertising campaign.

And because Programmatic Guaranteed operates alongside your auction-based open and private market buys in The Trade Desk platform, you can easily plan, activate, and report out on your entire omnichannel media buy.

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