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The Trade Desk is proud to offer a robust tech stack built by an agile engineering team that ships code weekly. Our product offering is a reflection of our industry-leading strategy for shaping the way media is bought and sold.

The Trade Desk powers buyers across the globe by offering an integrated feature set that includes:

Omnichannel targeting

Shepherd customers down the funnel across channels and strategies

Data Management Platform

Gain insights about your audiences with lookalike modeling and more

Enterprise APIs™

Build on our platform to enhance your offering

HD Reporting

Best-in-class reporting yields rich, actionable data

Think beyond linear. The time is now for Connected TV.

With streaming viewership and available impressions sharply rising, agile brands and marketers are upping their investment in Connected TV. But the benefits go far beyond reach. Connected TV can also help you unify your ad buys across linear and streaming with smarter measurement and more control over who sees your ads and how often.

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Audio Advertising

Music goes where other media can’t—on your commute, at the gym, or at the office—making it the ideal place to share personal and tailored brand messages. For the first time, brands can target audiences based on the music they’re listening to, delivering contextually relevant messages like never before.

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Mobile Advertising

The Trade Desk has been named to AlwaysOn worldwide OnMobile Top 100 for “disrupting the establishment and creating viable business models for the mobile marketplace.” Leverage our platform to maximize your mobile and cross-device campaign performance using the targeting and bid factor techniques that ensure you reach and engage customers across channels.

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Native Advertising

Enrich the user experience by adding value to site content with native ads that can be easily measured using the same KPIs you rely on for display, in addition to branding.

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Video Advertising

Video on an RTB platform — that's great. Video on a true omnichannel RTB platform — that's incredible. Easily manage your video campaigns to reach the right viewer with an ad that is delivered in-view, on-target, and in the right context with The Trade Desk.

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Inventory & Marketplaces

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Data Management Platform (DMP)

Our fully integrated data management platform (DMP), partnerships with leading data providers, and exclusive access to The Data Alliance are some of the leading reasons the largest cross-device advertisers in the world rely on The Trade Desk.

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Cross-Device Targeting and Measurement

Cross-Device targeting and tracking gives you the ability to reach users on multiple touch points, providing a seamless experience across all devices. Our holistic solution is designed to help you reach relevant audiences on the channels that lead them to conversion.

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Enterprise API™

Builders are always welcome at The Trade Desk. Enterprise API, The Trade Desk's open platform APIs was engineered with customization in mind. Through your integration with Enterprise API, you have the power to build your business harnessing the power of our technology.

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Certified Service Providers

Ready to get started with The Trade Desk but don’t have in-house expertise? Learn how one of our certified service providers can help.

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Koa™ Artificial Intelligence

Today, you have more data at your disposal than ever before. But all that information only has value if you know how to analyze it and apply it to your campaigns. Do you know where to start? With Koa, you don’t have to. Our powerful predictive engine scans our platform’s sprawling data set — nearly nine million impression opportunities every second — to help make your campaigns more accurate and efficient.

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Access to data has changed the way you reach audiences with your digital campaigns. Yet media planning has largely stayed the same — budgets are handed down to digital teams, and data often only comes into the picture after a campaign has already launched. Planner changes all that, using data-driven insights from our AI engine, Koa, to help you create pre-optimized campaigns before you spend a single dollar.

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