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Mondelēz Kraft taps OTT to win during Ramadan

December 21, 20224 minute read


Ramadan is a sacred time on the Islamic calendar and is observed by almost 2 billion Muslims worldwide, including more than 200 million people in Indonesia alone. Consumer habits change dramatically during the holy month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, and spending trends tend to go up.

Global food and snacking company Mondelēz International wanted to tap in to this increase in consumer activity to grow awareness and consideration of its Kraft cheese in Indonesia. Mondelēz sought to target females aged 25 to 45 who prepare food for Sahūr, the pre-dawn meal that Muslims have each day during Ramadan before fasting.

Mondelēz had traditionally run its Kraft cheese campaigns on a major user-generated content (UGC) platform. However, they were keen to compare the value of those campaigns against programmatic advertising on over-the-top (OTT) platforms in driving cost-effective brand awareness.

According to The Trade Desk’s 2022 The Future of TV report, OTT platforms have a high penetration in Indonesia, accounting for over 83 million users across the country.1 The report also discovered that Indonesian women are more likely to be heavy OTT users than Indonesian men, consuming more than four hours of OTT content every day.

With these data points in mind, Mondelēz and its agency, Spark Foundry/Publicis Media Precision, approached The Trade Desk to help launch its first OTT campaign in Indonesia.


The Trade Desk played a key role in securing premium advertising inventory for Mondelēz on top-quality OTT platforms like Vidio, Viu, WeTV, and iFlix. Mondelēz also leveraged The Trade Desk’s advanced capability of setting frequency caps across multiple campaigns to control user exposure across all brand communications. With The Trade Desk’s Identity Alliance solution, which offers high-quality cross-device matching, Mondelēz reached more unique individuals. What’s more, by controlling how many times an OTT user was served any Kraft ad, Mondelēz optimized the value of its reach in real time. And since all communications were consolidated on The Trade Desk’s platform, Mondelēz reduced ad wastage and further prevented overexposure to ads.

Mondelēz measured the effectiveness of this first OTT campaign by comparing its results against historical campaign buys on the UGC platform. Ultimately the OTT campaign, with its strategic setup, significantly increased brand awareness and return on ad spend for Mondelēz, allowing the brand to outperform the following KPIs:

  • Reach. The campaign reached more than 2.1 million individuals in Indonesia during Ramadan, which was 1.8 times more than the campaign’s KPI. Unique reach was capped at an ad frequency of 1.4 per person, which was 2.8 times lower than the KPI.
  • Video completion rate (VCR) and cost per completed view (CPCV). With more than 2.6 million completed views and a VCR of 89 percent across all four OTT platforms, the campaign exceeded the 85 percent KPI for VCR and was eight times higher than results from the UGC platform. Furthermore, CPCV was 11 percent lower than the KPI.
  • Click-through rate (CTR). The CTR for Mondelēz’s OTT video ads was 15 times higher compared to UGC video and display ads.


To objectively measure the impact of OTT ads on perceptions of Kraft cheese, The Trade Desk collaborated with Nielsen, which launched a brand lift study powered by VisualDNA. The study allowed Mondelēz to compare the brand awareness and perceptions held by both exposed and nonexposed groups of viewers. The Nielsen Brand Lift study results indicated that the OTT campaign was a memorable one, delivering an 11.5 percent increase in ad recall and 4.3 percent lift in brand message association.


The stellar engagement metrics of Mondelēz’s campaign proved the value of OTT in driving brand awareness and cost-effective reach in premium environments. Mondelēz continues to lean on The Trade Desk to drive awareness for other products across other Southeast Asia markets, such as the Eden cheese brand in the Philippines and the Ritz cracker brand in Thailand.

1. The Trade Desk, The Future of TV 2022: The State of OTT in Indonesia, November 2021,

"The ability to buy quality OTT inventory in a consolidated, convenient, and cost-effective way on The Trade Desk’s platform not only met but exceeded our expectations. The Trade Desk’s user interface is simple and provided numerous options for campaign optimization, vast amount of integrations with third-party data, tech and measurement providers. Most of our marketing process can be completed in less time with fewer clicks. The team also provided excellent engagement throughout our client campaign life cycle."

Hazlin Salleh
Associate Director of Client Success,
Spark Foundry/Publicis Media Precision