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Data Activation

Make the most of your valuable data

Use the power of data to deliver better ad experiences across the customer journey.


Relevant advertising starts with relevant data

From activating your data to tapping in to the power of our robust data marketplace, we make it easy to discover, create, and reach valuable audiences to meet your goals.


Maximize the full potential of your data

With the decline of cookies and devices IDs, it’s more critical than ever to maximize the potential of high-quality first-party audience data. Our customer relationship management (CRM) onboarding makes it seamless to activate your most valuable data asset today while preparing for tomorrow’s cookieless future.

Onboard and activate first-party data seamlessly

Easily map your data to leading ID solutions like Unified ID 2.0, so you can match audiences across devices and maximize reach across every screen.

ID Resolution

Gain a holistic view of the customer journey

Reaching customers across their devices is a must for delivering a holistic brand experience. To do that, you need access to flexible, comprehensive identity-resolution and measurement tools that can improve match rates and help you map your data across leading ID solutions — now and in the future.

Our Partners

Tap in to a marketplace of objective third-party data partners

Access the data and insights you need to make your campaigns more effective.


Let's work together

See what our platform can do for you.