Generate, launch, and analyze all your programmatic media plans in one place

Access to data has changed the way you reach audiences with your digital campaigns. Yet media planning has largely stayed the same — budgets are handed down to digital teams, and data often only comes into the picture after a campaign has already launched.

Planner changes all that, using data-driven insights from our AI engine, Koa, to help you create pre-optimized campaigns before you spend a single dollar. Based on key information you enter through the software’s intuitive interface, Planner shows you the smartest way to spend your budget. So you can use data to inform your campaigns, not the other way around.

What is Planner?

Think of Planner as a supercomputer for optimizing your campaigns. You provide your parameters, like budget, goals, dates, and geos. Planner provides the rest, identifying your highest-value audiences, suggesting the most efficient way to allocate your budget, and developing custom ad groups that are ready to go live with the push of a button. 

Smart planning starts with smart data

Maximize your reach and discover new opportunities with Planner’s AI-driven audience insights and inventory recommendations.

Plan cross-channel. Our AI analyzes how your audience consumes media across the internet and recommends the right media mix across all channels and stages of the marketing funnel.

Maximize your digital investment. Reach the right audience and spend your budget more efficiently by optimizing all of your campaigns before you spend a single dollar.

Activate instantly. Generate multiple campaigns each day based on your inputs. When you’re ready, set them live with the push of a button.

Integrate planning and buying. Share insights across teams so you can drive budgets to the sites, apps, and devices where your audience is spending the most time.