How independent agency Tombras fuels client success with innovation

Tombras, an independent media agency based in Knoxville, Tennessee, embraces the motto “Move fast, be first.” Driven by the need to explore outside the box and be first to try new innovations, Tombras partners with The Trade Desk on cutting-edge strategies, channels, and measurement to meet brands’ unique business needs and provide real results.

“Being an independent agency allows us to go outside the box and do things that have never been done before.”

SVP, Programmatic and Media Lead at Tombras


As a tech-forward agency, Tombras takes a programmatic-first approach for their customers that keeps them winning. Tombras has especially seen success by consolidating Connected TV (CTV) onto The Trade Desk. The Trade Desk’s CTV offering gives their customers greater frequency controls and the ability to measure and optimize their investments.

For a women’s fashion brand, Tombras used CTV to help them drive more sales, both online and to their brick-and-mortar stores. By adding CTV to complement their social and search campaigns, they saw an increase of in-store sales by 32 percent and a 560 percent higher conversion rate. Their customers were four times more likely to convert if they had seen a Connected TV ad and later clicked through on a performance ad.


There is so much more to partnering with The Trade Desk than simply accessing the platform.

“The Trade Desk isn’t just a best-in-class product, it’s a best-in-class service. We partner to find or build emerging best-in-class technology. We even pitch new business together.”

SVP, Programmatic and Media Lead at Tombras

The Trade Desk’s programmatic capabilities have become central to all of Tombras’ new business pitches this year. Since incorporating this best-in-class programmatic capability with their already best-in-class search and paid social capabilities, they have seen a significant increase on their new business win rate —– 5 for 5 wins this year! 

Overall, it’s clear that Tombras is leading the pack in terms of leveraging advanced technology via their partnership with The Trade Desk. At their core, they maintain the goal of expanding their tech stack so that they can continue to combine smart people with smart tools to drive digital effectiveness and business outcomes for their clients.