Boiron boosts return on ad spend by 2.67x with Kroger retail data

Image from Boiron medicine campaign

Boiron was curious to know how retail data could affect its reach and return on ad spend, so The Trade Desk offered it the opportunity to beta test Kroger’s retail data and measurement solution. The campaign delivered excellent results, showing just how valuable it can be to leverage high-quality retail data.

Key Results from Boiron x The Trade Desk case study
"Using Kroger’s retail data on The Trade Desk was a game-changer for our campaigns. Their ability to deliver attribution so quickly allowed us to adjust and measure impact more efficiently than we have with other partners. Ninety-four percent of the households reached were new to us — and we achieved a remarkable 2.67 times return on ad spend, which was well above our benchmark when targeting new consumers. This success has us excited for future collaborations."

Brian Wood

Digital Marketing Manager, Boiron


Proving retail data’s ability to boost reach and ROAS

Boiron, a world leader in homeopathic products, has helped millions of customers in the U.S. for over 40 years, enabling them to integrate the benefits of homeopathy into their daily lives.

Boiron’s marketing team had heard the buzz about retail data’s ability to help increase reach and ROAS and were keen to test its impact on one of its upcoming campaigns. After learning about our network of retail partners, Boiron approached us for guidance. The company was especially interested in using retail data from U.S. supermarket and department store chain Kroger.


Using a first-to-market data solution to reach new audiences and deliver 2.67x ROAS

Our first-to-market capability with Kroger gave Boiron the opportunity to beta test the retailer’s solution on its campaign for Oscillococcinum. Boiron used Kroger’s retail data to reach new audiences in the U.S. and measure the campaign’s impact on sales.

Relying on Kroger’s data segments, the company reached key audiences via our platform — including current and lapsed Boirion buyers, brand buyers, and category buyers.

Boiron was thrilled with the campaign’s outcomes. The campaign delivered 2.67 times ROAS, significantly exceeding Boiron’s typical ROAS benchmark on previous campaigns. Boiron was also able to reach more than 1.9 million households, 94% of which were new households for the brand. This success demonstrates that Kroger’s retail data can be an excellent way to reach new audiences and generate sales.

Following its successful campaign for Oscillococcinum, Boiron plans to use Kroger’s retail data for another upcoming campaign.

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