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As programmatic advertising grows, so does the need to know more. How does it work? Why does it work? How can it benefit you? At the Trading Academy, we bring you the answers. Simply. Clearly. Across any device.

Whether you’re a media planner looking for a primer on the basics, or a CMO looking for next-level strategies, the Trading Academy can help you become a thought leader in the digital industry’s next phenomenon: programmatic.

  • Enjoy eLearning video courses and document your studies with a certificate of completion
  • To receive certification, you will need to pass two of the Trading Academy curriculums and certification exams
  • Choose from four curriculums which can be taken individually or combined for advance study
  • Monitor your progress via online testing, including section review quizzes and a final exam

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Professional |
Programmatic Principles

Learning Path: Course 1

Best for: CMO’s and Marketers, Media Planners/Buyers, Sales/Account/Campaign Managers, Programmatic Traders

| Targeting & Data Management

Learning Path: Course 2

Best for: Media Planners/Buyers, Account/Campaign Managers, Programmatic Traders

Strategist |
Optimization & Strategy

Learning Path: Course 3

Best for: Programmatic Traders

| Omnichannel & Inventory Types

Learning Path: Course 4

Best for: CMO’s and Marketers, Media Planners/Buyers, Sales/Account/Campaign Managers, Programmatic Traders

Client Testimonials

"We’ve found The Trade Desk’s Trading Academy programmatic certification course to be immensely valuable – providing clarifying history and background, insightful high-level overview of the ad tech landscape and future likelihoods, and outstanding commentary from industry experts. Top-notch production values seamlessly tie it all together. We’ll be folding this course into our onboarding program, as a critical starting point for all of our new hires moving forward."

- Billy Tarter, Director of Programmatic Advertising at Point It

“Just completed the Trading Academy programmatic certification and it was phenomenal to say the least. Great material! Very in-depth and insightful.”

- Vertika Tiwary, Senior Manager, Programmatic Media at Accuen Canada

“The Trading Academy programmatic certification was very detailed and broken down in a way that was comprehendible. I’ve been in the Programmatic space for about a year now – and I felt like I’ve learnt more and have more clarity about Programmatic within that module than I actually have with my experience!”

- Sue Thavorn, Automated Trader, XAXIS CANADA

“It was an absolutely amazing program and I certainly gained a lot from it. The program not only takes you through the platform UI, but also campaign set up guidelines, as well as the history of the ad exchange and the advertising market. Highly recommend it!”

- Rhiannon Homer, Campaign Analyst, Amnet

“From beginner to advanced, The Trading Academy is a great resource for anyone in the programmatic world. With very in-depth insights from leaders across the industry, anyone who completes this is going to leave having learned more than they expected to. I’ve taken other DSP certifications, but The TradeDesk Trading Academy is by far the most thorough and educational with the most up-to-date industry info. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the field, all the way up to senior level.”

- Ian Barbo, Programmatic Solutions Manager, GumGum

Content Spotlight

Header Bidding & Header Buying, Resetting the Waterfall - Andrew Casale, President & CEO Index Exchange

The Native Ad Ecosystem — Why Native Won and Where it's Heading - Dan Greenberg, Founder & CEO Sharethrough

Programmatic Audio, Turning up the Volume - Les Hollander, Global Head of Audio Monetization Spotify

Optimizing the Efficient Frontier of Branding Campaigns - Adam Heimlich, SVP Programmatic HX at Horizon Media

Trading Desks, Building a Programmatic Center of Excellence - Jay Friedman, COO Goodway Group

Data 101: Understanding and applying data to improve performance - Eric Roza, SVP Oracle Data Cloud

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