Video Advertising

Video advertising can be a great way to create an emotional connection to your brand. But launching a video campaign takes a big investment. First, you need to tell the story of your brand. Then you have to produce a commercial and put it in front of your customers. With all that effort, you should know that your video is reaching the right people at the right time—at the right price.

At the Trade Desk, we make it easy to reach the right audience. Plus, you’ll have total control over your video advertising—from start to finish.


We’ll connect you with more than 20 ad exchanges, such as Doubleclick AdExchange, Index Exchange, and Telaria. You’ll reach consumers around the world, across all of their devices.


We make it easy to advertise to the right audience.

  • Target by viewability
  • Target by viewer player size
  • Create skippable and non-skippable messages
  • Plan for muted and unmuted viewing
  • Advertise on user-generated and/or professional content

A Private Marketplace

You’ll negotiate directly with publishers and control where your video advertisements will run. You can bring your own deals, or thanks to our massive video Deal Library, choose from more than 800 third-party contracts offering premium environments.

Powerful Reports

No matter how you measure success – gross rating points (GRPs), video completion rates (VCRs), or Viewability – our reports will give you the insights you’re looking for. You’ll be able to track your customer’s journey across all of their screens and favorite channels. And because The Trade Desk is an omnichannel platform, you’re able to look at the entire customer journey across channels, devices, and messaging, so you can make the best possible decisions.