Native Advertising

The Trade Desk platform provides you with a simple, scalable Native solution that adds a personal touch to your advertising to tell a consistent story across devices.

Enrich the user experience by adding value to site content with native ads that can be easily measured using the same KPIs you rely on for display.

In-feed and in-article native ads allow the advertiser to immerse their brand within the publisher site to reach the right user, at the right time, within the right context. This winning combination drives engagement, CTR, CPA, and more to enhance your omnichannel campaign performance.

Getting started is simple. Upload an image, logo, copy, and URL into The Trade Desk platform and the technology formats your content to match the unique look and feel of the publisher site whether it's displayed on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Programmatic buying with The Trade Desk gives you real-time reporting insights to both measure campaign success and test your creatives optimizing to the content and images that perform with your target audience.

Explore the vast targeting options offered by our Omnichannel platform.

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