Connected TV Advertising

With Connected TV advertising, you can reach TV viewers that advertisers can’t reach with traditional TV commercials. That’s where Connected TV (CTV) comes in.

What is Connected TV Advertising?

The rise of Connected TV viewership is creating new ways for CTV advertisers to reach their target audiences by combining the impact of TV with the precision of digital.

With CTV advertising through The Trade Desk, U.S. advertisers can now target, measure, and retarget TV-viewing households.

It’s still television. But now, it’s more than you’ve ever imagined.


With Connected TV audience targeting, you can be sure your marketing dollars are going towards your most valuable viewers. Use first- or third-party data, just like you do with your digital campaigns, to serve ads on the biggest screen in the home.


Our programmatic platform lets you measure the impact of your Connected TV campaigns with both digital and traditional metrics, including video completion rates (VCRs) and gross rating points (GRPs). Plus, see the end-to-end customer journey from viewing a TV commercial to making the purchase.


Activate a full-funnel, omnichannel strategy against individual households—retarget the viewers of your CTV commercial across their devices, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

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