California Privacy Disclosures


Last updated: June 4, 2020

The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) applies to the collection, use, and disclosure of “personal information” of California “consumers” (as those terms are defined in CCPA). This document provides additional privacy disclosures for California consumers and supplements our Services Privacy Policy.

Right to Request Access or Deletion.  If you are a California consumer, you may have the right to request that we disclose what information we collect, use, disclose or sell about you, to access the specific pieces of information we hold about you, and/or request the deletion of any of your personal information we collect or maintain, subject to certain exceptions.  To make a verifiable request for information or deletion, please email dsr ((at)) thetradedesk ((dot)) com, as referred to in the YOUR RIGHTS section of our Services Privacy Policy, or call us at 1-800-674-4282.  You may also designate an authorized agent to make such requests on your behalf, as permitted under CCPA. If you do so, we will require the agent to provide proof that they are acting on your behalf, and we may ask you to verify your identity and to confirm that you provided the agent with permission to submit the request on your behalf. The data in our Platform is pseudonymous data tied to device or cookie identifiers. We do not hold any information that identifies you personally, such as your name or email address. If you are a California consumer seeking to request deletion or access of data, we will require you to provide evidence that the pseudonymous data relates to you (and only to you), and may deny your request if you cannot provide such information. You will not be discriminated against for the exercise of such rights.  Please note that if you wish to exercise any of your rights with TD’s clients or partners, you must make your request directly with those clients and partners.

Disclosures.  As some of the data processed on the Platform may be considered “personal information” under CCPA, we are required to make certain disclosures to California consumers. These disclosures (and the appropriate sections of our Services Privacy Policy where such information may be obtained) include: (i) the categories of personal information we have collected about consumers in the previous twelve (12) months (see THE DATA THE PLATFORM COLLECTS AND PROCESSES); (ii) the categories of sources from which the personal information is collected (see HOW THE PLATFORM COLLECTS DATA); (iii) the business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling personal information (see THE PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE PLATFORM PROCESSES DATA); and (iv) the categories of personal information, if any, that we have disclosed for a business purpose or sold to third parties in the preceding twelve (12) months and, for each of these categories of personal information, the categories of third parties to whom the information was disclosed or sold (see SHARING AND TRANSFER and click here for more information).

Do Not Sell My Personal Information.  Under CCPA, California consumers have the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information.  We do not believe that any of the services we provide on our Platform constitutes a sale, but some of our clients and partners use our Platform for interest-based advertising, which may constitute a sale of personal information under CCPA. You may opt-out of interest-based advertising on our Platform by visiting, or as further described in the YOUR CHOICES section of our Services Privacy Policy. TD does not have actual knowledge that we sell personal information of minors under the age of sixteen (16).

Contact.  You may contact us regarding these California privacy disclosures as noted in the CONTACT US section of our Services Privacy Policy.