Mitigating the Methbot Threat

December 21, 2016
by Andrew Arnold – Senior Director, Marketplace Quality

Over the past 24 hours, you may have seen news about Methbot. At The Trade Desk, we take network quality very seriously, which is why we have dedicated staff, product, and processes in place to fight invalid traffic at multiple levels. This includes blocking Sellers, Publishers, IP’s, User ID’s and more, as necessary.

Because we are vigilant, and run ongoing rigorous screening and filtering with the 60+ valued inventory partners we are integrated with, our clients have been protected against significant exposure to the sites and publishers that have been associated with the Methbot Operation.

Yesterday, our rapid response team was immediately in touch with the IAB Tech Lab, Trustworthy Accountability Group, and White Ops. We are fully up to date on the threat and committed to protecting our customers.

The Trade Desk will continue to remain alert and invest in the resources necessary to ensure inventory available through our platform is of the highest quality and free of invalid traffic.

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