Location, Location, Location: 4 tips on how to reach your out-of-office audience

September 6, 2016
by Jed Dederick – RVP, Business Development

With Labor Day weekend in our rearview mirror, consumers across the country are migrating back to their city centers and already eyeing their calendar for their next vacation opportunity.

Though the end of summer means a wrap to the fun in the sun season for consumers, various vacations occur year-round and an audience on the move can be a challenge for marketers. Suddenly, the users you were messaging on their desktop computers have left those devices at home, and the areas you were geotargeting are nowhere near your user’s temporary wanderlust locale.   

Fortunately, you can overcome these obstacles with the right use of data and a little bit of creativity. With summer 2016 behind us, follow these tips to turn this challenge into an opportunity next time your audience is on the go:

1) Find people in transit and anticipate their needs.

For marketers, there’s great value in reaching your audience members just as they’re getting ready to take off, or even as they are in the air. By geo-targeting airports or by targeting the IP ranges of companies like GoGo that offer in-flight wireless, you’ll be able to reach consumers on their adventure.

Once you have in-transit consumers in sight, the key is to use your advertising to improve their vacation experience. For instance, you could show an in-flight mobile user an offer for entertainment content like movies or TV shows. Or you could send someone in an airport a restaurant ad in order to take advantage of the fact that people go out to eat more when they’re on vacation. As is the case with all digital marketing, it’s important to tailor your messaging to the moment to make sure it aligns with what a vacationing consumer is engaged in.

2) Alter your media mix to be more immersive.

To ensure your messaging fits seamlessly into an audience’s time off, you want to integrate a more immersive, organic approach to your media mix. Strategically adding channels like native, audio and video will help you align your ads to the context of your user’s experience.

Another way to approach these users intelligently is by altering your device mix to account for the fact that vacationers access entertainment content on smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops rather than traditional TV. People tend to watch video content during their down time, so it’s smart to target video players and streaming apps. Additionally, by layering on anonymized demographic data, you can even show kid-friendly advertising to viewers you know are likely to be watching as a family.

3) Reach your customers at their favorite vacation destinations.

One particularly valuable data segment that is favorable to some clients at The Trade Desk, is one consisting of people who frequently move back and forth between two locations. For instance, they’ll hone in on people who spend most of their time in New York City, but often travel north during the summer to the Hudson River Valley, indicating they have a vacation home or favorite destination. By comparing location data against audience data segments (i.e. residency, home, airport, etc.), marketers can double-check that they are targeting vacationers rather than local residents.

4) The End Of Vacation Is A Huge Opportunity For CPG Brands

Like all good things, every vacation must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you should stop messaging your customers. By comparing location data against information about your audience’s home airports or residences, you can determine when people are about to return to their normal lives. For CPG brands, this is the perfect time to offer users all of the things they’ll need to stock up on now that they’re back.

We’re confident that with these tips in mind you’ll be able to craft an immersive, location-based marketing campaign capable of allowing you to reach your vacation audience with the same frequency, precision and relevance you do during the rest of the year. And once everything’s all set up, here’s hoping you’ll have time to get away for a relaxing trip, yourself.

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