Industry Insights: Our March Must Reads

April 4, 2018
Tags: Connected TV

If there was a single thread to be pulled from the March news circuit, it should be this: as consumers become increasingly connected, the need for marketers to prioritize the programmatic approach is clear. Here are our top-three favorite reads from across the industry this month:

1. Digiday: The New York Times has folded its programmatic sales team into its larger ad sales org

“Programmatic continues to be an important element of our business — important enough that we integrated the selling of programmatic into our overall sales organization and organized around a programmatic operations team to support the sellers and our programmatic advertisers.”

As programmatic advertising continues to grow, the distinction between programmatic and other types of advertising lessens. The decision by the New York Times to fold its programmatic team into its larger sales team is an important evolutionary moment for the industry. One of the world’s most revered publishers taking steps to embrace programmatic as a seamless piece of its larger business strategy contributes to the continued shift in the way advertising is bought and sold – a movement toward more transparent, more precise, and more powerful advertising.

2. Forbes: Three Reasons Programmatic Technologies Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

“With the ability to provide scalable and efficient advertising campaigns, programmatic has become a growth engine for digital media trading in my business as well as many other organizations.”

Programmatic offers advertisers two crucial benefits. First, marketers can increase the efficiency of their media spend exponentially because the open market provides price discovery, reduces waste, and drives higher ROI. Second, the granularity offered by programmatic empowers marketers with more precision as well as more control over and insight into their ad buying than ever before.

3. Recode: How the internet is changing March Madness?

“‘Tech has really enabled the over-the-top fandom around this,’ SB Nation Editor in Chief Elena Bergeron said on the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask. ‘In previous years, if you had the CBS partnership — the rights to actually air the games — CBS was in control of what games it aired, on one broadcast network. Especially in the first weekend, when there are 64 teams, there are games going on simultaneously every day.’”

As consumers continue to stream content, the viewing options – particularly when it comes to sports – are only getting better. Consumers no longer fear missing out on the big game or a pivotal play. They can tune in whenever and wherever they want. So, a word of advice to advertisers, especially with upfront season around the corner: be sure to set aside some of your upfront budget for programmatic – it’s key to reaching your increasingly connected consumers.

Tags: Connected TV