The Trade Desk, Inc. enhances RTB video offering with Nielsen online campaign ratings

VENTURA, CA- Jun 9, 2014 - The Trade Desk, Inc. -- a global demand-side platform in advertising's $5B real-time bidding industry -- announced today the enhancement of its video advertising product through the integration of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™, which tracks and reports on daily unique reach, frequency and Gross Rating Points (GRPs) for online video and display campaigns.

"As the line between TV and online video continues to blur, we're helping the best measurement in digital video and the best in TV come together. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings is an important piece," says Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk. Green pointed to a March 2014 eMarketer report titled "US TV Ad Spending: Factors Shaping Today's Television Market," which indicates that TV as a percentage of advertising spend will decline over the next four years while digital will make up the difference.

"While digital video grows at an unprecedented rate, The Trade Desk is winning major market share. For the second year in a row, we've grown by more than a thousand percent in digital video. The sophistication of tools in digital marketing are influencing the way television advertising is bought and sold, and we are proud to be at the forefront of that shift," Green added.

In the eMarketer study, marketers cited TV as the most effective form of advertising and digital the second. With the granularity of measurement in digital, particularly with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, Green predicts that TV will take on more and more digital characteristics as capabilities converge.

The Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings integration can be applied to all campaigns running on The Trade Desk, including video and display formats. For more information, or to request a demonstration of The Trade Desk's platform, please visit

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