The Trade Desk and Walmart Connect Will Test Integration of Unified ID 2.0 into the Walmart DSP

Walmart Connect prepares for cookieless future with privacy-safe identity solutions for clients to reach first-party audiences at scale across channels

June 20, 2023 – Ventura, CA – Global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk today announced its partnership with Walmart Connect to test the integration of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) in the Walmart DSP. The Walmart custom-built DSP combines The Trade Desk’s best-in-class technology with the powerful scale of Walmart’s first-party, omnichannel customer insights to deliver advertiser performance. Walmart Connect is working to future proof its retail media solutions, so that advertisers are positioned to continue connecting with omnichannel customers in safe and compliant ways, without sacrificing performance.

Pioneered by The Trade Desk, UID2 is an industry-backed identity solution that uses authenticated data with the aim to improve consumer privacy controls, while maintaining the value exchange of the open internet. With full integration, clients will be able to continue targeting Walmart’s audiences after the sunsetting of third-party cookies via UID2 to inform decisioning across the open internet, including connected TV, within the Walmart DSP.

Launched in 2021, the Walmart DSP is an innovative platform for advertisers to reach Walmart’s first-party audiences across the open web and close the measurement loop to understand the performance and incrementality of their media buys. This standalone platform was built on best-in-class technology from both companies and empowers advertisers to connect with Walmart’s audiences across multiple channels. This is critical as buyers prioritize omnichannel campaigns and a holistic view of their buys to improve both customer experiences and campaign effectiveness across touchpoints.

“Unified ID 2.0 has created a better way for advertisers, publishers and data providers to securely leverage their first-party data on the open internet,” said Samantha Jacobson, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk. “We look forward to making Unified ID 2.0 the connective identity fabric across screens, devices and media ecosystem, and making it available to the clients of the Walmart DSP in all their buys.”

"With compliancy and customers' privacy rights at the forefront, we are building privacy-safe identity solutions powered by the scale of Walmart’s first-party customer insights that enable advertisers to target, reach and measure our omnichannel audiences," said Jeff Clark, VP of Product, Walmart Connect. "The shopper journey is increasingly fragmented, and by partnering with various industry identity solutions such as Unified ID 2.0, we are working on ways for our advertisers to safely expand their reach of Walmart's customers across the open internet without relying on third-party cookies."

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