New research shows 9 in 10 Indonesians plan to make a purchase during the upcoming Ramadan

Female millennials to be the biggest online shoppers this Ramadan

Jakarta, 11 January 2023 Indonesians are gearing up to celebrate the biggest festive season of the year. Eighty-eight percent of Indonesians are planning to make a purchase this Ramadan, while female millennial online shoppers are expected to spend more than the general population, according to a recent survey of more than 2,000 Indonesians by global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) and research firm YouGov. The survey findings, unveiled at a 2023 Ramadan Success with The Trade Desk event held in conjunction with Muslim Pro, Tokopedia and Vidio, highlighted that Indonesians are embracing digital in their day-to-day activities for shopping, spirituality and entertainment.

Online shopping research begins early, female millennials expected to spend the most

Indonesians’ online shopping research is closely tied to when they receive their Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR). Data indicated that more than half (53 percent) of Indonesians are planning to spend their THR this Ramadan rather than put it into savings. As part of their purchase journey, consumers will begin their online shopping research in the month before Ramadan. Such online activity is expected to peak in the 7–10 days before Eid Al Fitr when Indonesians typically receive their THR, according to aggregated data from across Indonesia’s top five e-commerce sites.

“As Indonesians spend time researching their purchases ahead of this year’s festive season, this creates meaningful opportunities for brands to reach their consumers through timely and relevant messages. Marketers looking to connect with consumers wherever they are throughout their shopper journey can utilise data-driven media-buying platforms like The Trade Desk to reach their target audience across fast-growing channels, such as OTT, music streaming, mobile apps and websites,” said Purnomo Kristanto, General Manager, Indonesia, The Trade Desk.

The survey further reveals that female millennials are expected to spend more than the general population during the upcoming Ramadan. In particular, they are expected to outspend the general population in Makeup and Fragrances (49 percent), Health and Personal care (52 percent) and Apparel and Accessories (61 percent). On the other hand, male millennials are slated to spend more on praying essentials and digital goods, while Gen Z shoppers will spend more on health and personal care, and makeup and fragrances, compared to the general population.

Technology plays integral part during Ramadan

The pandemic has driven Indonesians to embrace technology for their spiritual needs. The survey shows that two in 3 Indonesians are engaging in religious activities online, either through mobile apps or online media. In the holy month of Ramadan, as Indonesians increase the frequency of their prayers, online religious activity is expected to increase by 39 percent, as compared to other times of the year.

“Digitally savvy Indonesians are turning to apps and other digital channels to support their Ramadan activities. The audience and engagement level on digital channels and devices grow significantly during the festive season, allowing brands to engage with consumers and stay top of mind in a culturally relevant way,” added Purnomo.

With daily routines shifting during the fasting month, many will be adjusting their digital media behavior accordingly. One in 3 Indonesians stated that they plan to consume video streaming content as a key form of entertainment throughout Ramadan. Digital engagement also increases during Ramadan with consumers starting their video streaming consumption earlier in the day (during Suhoor) and returning to streaming again around Ifthar (5pm onwards).​ In terms of content choices, Indonesians tend to focus on religious content during Suhoor, while more light-hearted content such as comedy and movies are popular around Ifthar.