Global Brands, Leading European Publishers and Retail Partners Turn to European Unified ID to Maintain Relevant Advertising

Bacardi, Kimberly-Clark, Aller Media, Future,|highfivve, OneFootball, Prisma Media, and Tesco Media and Insights Platform Engage New, Privacy-Conscious Identity Framework Aimed at Giving European Consumers Better Data Controls

LONDON – June 15, 2023 – European Unified ID (EUID), a new identity solution specifically developed for the European market, is gaining support across Europe, including from global brands, leading European publishers and retail partners. EUID is a European counterpart to Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), a new approach to identity that has gained industry-wide adoption. Initial engagement with EUID from brands and publishers includes Bacardi, Kimberly-Clark, Aller Media, Future,|highfivve, OneFootball, Prisma Media, and Tesco Media and Insights Platform, powered by dunnhumby.

With established regulations on consumer data across Europe, brands and publishers have explored ways to deliver better advertising experiences to consumers, while respecting consumer privacy and data standards. EUID aims to address Europe’s data privacy regulations, while giving European consumers control of their data through privacy notices and opt-outs.

“There is an important discussion that’s happening around the world about how to preserve the value exchange of relevant advertising, while respecting consumer privacy. And nowhere is this more evident than across Europe,” said Samantha Jacobson, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk. “Advertisers and publishers within Europe must clear a high bar for data privacy. As a European specific solution, EUID is anchored in the privacy conditions that are specific to the region. Our partnerships with advertisers, publishers and industry organizations have enabled us to build an identity framework that helps brands reach European consumers with relevant advertising, while giving them the ability to control their data.”

Based on authenticated data, EUID is open-sourced and interoperable with other authenticated identity solutions across the advertising ecosystem. This interoperability enables advertisers to build holistic advertising campaigns that reach consumers across the fastest-growing digital channels on the open internet, where third-party cookies are not present such as connected TV, mobile apps, and audio streaming.

Select advertiser and publisher comments on EUID:

“Bacardi supports new solutions like EUID that are developed to help improve the consumer advertising experience and raise the bar on privacy,” said Lucy King, Global Media Director, Bacardi.

"This a pivotal opportunity for us to build the best version of our consumer experience across our brand portfolio on the open internet. With EUID, Kimberley-Clark can maximise its first-party data to serve a richer, unified and privacy-centric customer experience across channels," said Scott Bodie, UK Digital Lead, Kimberly-Clark.

Aller Media
“We are very happy to be able to work with EUID to help us and our customers monetize campaigns and ensure frequency and quality in the campaigns. We look forward to being able to visualize this for our buyers and thus continue to be an important part of this ecosystem,” said Martin Sundell, Head of Programmatic, Aller Media.

"Future are excited to deepen their relationship with The Trade Desk by supporting the introduction of EUID. We firmly believe in a privacy-first ad ecosystem and solutions that support the ability for brands to connect directly with leading premium publishers like Future which can deliver against their marketing objectives,” said Nick Flood, Global Revenue Operations Director, Future.|highfivve
“As a publisher and programmatic sales house, we are excited to express our support for the European Unified ID (EUID), an innovative identity solution tailored for the European market. Embracing EUID allows us as publishers to unlock new possibilities and elevate our advertising capabilities to provide personalized experiences for our valued audience,” said Martin Pichler, Chief Sales Officer,|highfivve.

“As the leading global platform for football fans, EUID is essential for OneFootball so we are very happy to be partnering with The Trade Desk which is leading the way in this important area. Fans come to OneFootball for breaking news, highlight clips and live streaming as well as statistics and live scores from hundreds of leagues and competitions worldwide as well as to feel part of a global fan community. We put fans first, so it’s imperative that we give our users control over their data when they access our platform, all the while, maintaining sustainable advertiser relationships so we can continue to offer a free to use service for football fans around the world,” said Patrick Fisher, Chief Business Officer, OneFootball.

Prisma Media
"Prisma Media Solutions is proud to be one of the pioneers in Europe to adopt the EUID identifier. This breakthrough promises to transform the digital ecosystem, offering an alternative to the end of third-party cookies. This initiative is part of Prisma Media's global strategy initiated a few years ago. With this one we are reaffirming our commitment to our clients by offering them relevant advertising targeting solutions, while building a world that is more respectful of Internet users' privacy," said Bastien Deleau, Directeur Exécutif Adjoint, Prisma Media.

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