Forbes: "The Next Wave Of Advertising: A Force Of Nature And Machine"

Dave Pickles, CTO and Founder of The Trade Desk and contributor to the Forbes Technology Council, believes the key to successful AI in advertising is understanding how to get the most out of both the human and the machine. Dave notes that the two are better together because machines are fast learners, but need human creativity to guide them.

In this article, Dave highlights the three keys to AI success: Transparency, pragmatism and clean data.

In order for us to capitalize on the unique strengths of human and artificial intelligence, the technology needs to be built with transparency in mind. Effective AI solutions also need to have a means of removing inaccurate or misleading data. And finally, we need to build machines that are pragmatic.

Dave believes that the future of advertising has a seat at the table for humans and machines, both using their unique skill sets to make each other better. Instead of building black box tools that separate humans from their AI partners, engineers with a deep understanding of our industry will develop transparent, flexible and effective solutions for the next era of advertising.

By using our human capacity for oversight, judgment and creativity, we’ll be able to elevate the machines to their greatest potential.