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Daimler achieves significant results in India with Solimar’s goal-based buying approach


Modern marketers know successful campaigns start with deliberate goal setting.

For a new campaign to promote its electric car line-up, Daimler enlisted OMD a media agency with extensive experience in automobile advertising to develop efficient, innovative solutions to help achieve their marketing goals.

To effectively target their niche audience and build awareness for Daimler’s electric car line-up, OMD suggested running a programmatic display campaign on our new platform — Solimar. Designed to put advertisers’ goals front and center, Solimar uses data and AI to more effectively achieve business goals. In this campaign, Daimler and OMD used Solimar to set three KPI goals — a cost per click (GPG) of INR 15, a cost per thousand (GPM) of INR 75, and a click- through rate (CTR) of 0.50 percent.


Based on past experience, the team at OMD was well aware that there were limited targeting options for the automobile vertical across demand-side platforms (DSPs). However, our Audience Library solved this pain point by offering vast amounts of high-quality third-party data, integrated with leading data partners from around the world.

With Audience Library, OMD could easily develop an effective targeting strategy to reach Daimler’s target audience — luxury seekers and high net-worth individuals — by leveraging behavioural and demographic segments, including 35+ males, across lifestyle and competitor car brands. In addition to successfully reaching Daimler’s target audience for the electric car line-up, OMD found that this targeting strategy also helped increase awareness around other line-up offerings.

OMD also activated our AI engine, Koa™, to further achieve Daimler’s goals. Koa™ automatically finds and uses the best data across the platform to reach the target audience in the most efficient and effective way. Throughout the campaign, Koa™ not only improved pacing, it also optimized audience, inventory, device, geography, and ad environments.

Moreover, Koa™ is always on, providing data-driven recommendations that helped guide OMD to make better decisions in driving KPIs. For example, Koa™ data showed that ads performed best on mobile, which prompted the OMD team to shift budgets to achieve better results.


Impressive campaign results proved the effectiveness of goal-based buying. Not only did the results outperform Daimler’s goals, but also surpassed the previous campaign results OMD had seen on other DSPs. Achieved CPC was 53 percent better than KPI, and 50 percent better than other DSPs (delivered INR 7 vs KPI INR 15 vs other DSPs’ INR 14). Achieved GPM was 31 percent lower than KPI and 15 percent lower than other DSPs (delivered INR 52 vs KPI INR 75 vs other DSPs’ INR 61). Achieved GTR was 66 percent higher than KPI and 28 percent higher than other DSPs (delivered 0.83 percent vs KPI 0.50 percent vs other DSPs’ benchmarks 0.65 percent).

Thrilled with the significant campaign results, OMD has decided to allocate additional budgets to the for Daimler’s upcoming campaigns and explore more Solimar capabilities.

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