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Programmatic advertising, and the possibilities that digital has opened up for marketers, can be a complicated subject. No one understands that more than our team at The Trade Desk.

To help, we are today releasing our “As Explained By” campaign, featuring two short films that articulate the key advantages of data-driven digital advertising. Developed by our advertising agency BBH, these film shorts feature mini-tutorials on the importance of Objectivity and Reach in advertising by some surprising characters.

In one of their first pitches to us, BBH presented this concept, inspired by Margot Robbie’s explanation of financial derivatives in the “Big Short”. We hadn’t yet finalized our brand platform of Media for Humankind, but even then we knew we had to produce this fun concept.

We were so fortunate to have award-winning comedian Neal Brennan as our director to bring his wit and love of the unexpected to these films. We shot this on a beautiful fall day in Los Angeles, California. The location of the Trick-or-Treat ad was actually the set of “Wisteria Lane” from Desperate Housewives, which is located on the Universal Pictures lot.

To execute the media plan, we started with The Trade Desk programmatic platform to reach our audiences across channels including digital and mobile video, Connected TV, and display advertising. We are also thrilled to promote the shorts during college basketball this March through the power of our platform.

We want to thank our partners BBH, Neal, and our internal creative and marketing organizations, who have worked nonstop to bring this campaign to life. I feel so proud to work with the best team in marketing.

Susan Vobejda

The Trade Desk