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Meet the heroes of advertising: Programmatic Traders

It’s clear that the future of advertising is data-driven, programmatic media buying. The talented people who are making this shift happen are programmatic media traders. Each year, traders are entrusted with billions of dollars in media spend and tasked with efficiently driving brand growth.

Today, we at The Trade Desk are launching a campaign to salute traders as our real-life superheroes. This campaign features eight talented traders from around the world who use our platform to drive value for brands every day. These men and women define marketing sophistication. They work smarter, think bigger, and drive business impact by harnessing all of the efficiencies and tools of our platform for the benefit of their clients.

Meet the stars of our campaign called “Superpowered by Traders”:

Visit our Superpowered by Traders to learn more about the traders, their superpowers, and the secret weapons they rely on from The Trade Desk to get their job done more quickly and efficiently.