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We recently partnered with Forbes Insights to take a look at how CMOs are prioritizing marketing strategies and continuing to drive revenue for their businesses going into 2019. After interviewing 200+ chief marketing officers across global companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue, the results are clear. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, CMOs are focused on bringing and proving value within their organizations by aligning with primary business goals.

We’ve summarized a few key findings from the white paper below but click here to access the full report: The ModernCMO: New Goals. New Metrics. New Markets.

CMO's #1 challenge is keeping up with customers' changing media consumption habits.

From connected tv to audio to digital video, connected devices and channels are increasingly become ingrained in consumers’ daily routine. Especially as adults in the U.S. now spend more than 6 hours per day watching, listening to, reading, and interacting with digital media, CMOs must remain agile to keep up with consumers’ evolving media consumption habits – ready to adapt to their customers at every turn. The key lies in working with an equally nimble, multi-channel advertising platform – one that will help you reach those customers no matter where they’re consuming media.

78% of CMOs surveyed increased their marketing ROI by using data-driven insights to inform strategy.

Programmatic technology empowers brands to build their marketing strategies around data-driven insights, and the result is more efficient advertising. As brands continue to use programmatic to deliver relevant ads to their target consumer base, advertising ROI is going to continue to grow. And with the next wave of artificial intelligence, marketers can analyze and activate their digital data at scale. AI enables marketers to bring data-driven insights to the forefront of every ad strategy. This combination of the machine’s data-processing capabilities with the strategic, intuitive minds of marketers allows for more efficient, higher ROI advertising.

80% of CMOs are increasing their marketing investment in China over the next 12-18 months.

For multinational brands, China represents a major opportunity to build a global customer base and tap into a new source of revenue. With 772 million internet-connected consumers and a burgeoning middle-class that has grown to include over 400 million people (larger than the population of the United States), the opportunity for growth is clear. And with the technological leapfrog effect, where consumers skip traditional devices for internet-connected ones, CMOs can digitally access and engage these audiences to grow their global brand presence. It’s just a matter of finding the right advertising partner with the technology to help them get there.

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