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Celebrating 1 Year: The Trade Desk & White Ops

October 17, 2018

This time last year, we announced a landmark deal with a pioneer from the cybersecurity and fraud detection space, White Ops. We partnered with White Ops to transform how the advertising industry tackles fraud. One year later, the partnership is stronger than ever. With digital ad spend increasing by 20% this year over last, we’re proud that our combined efforts have helped improve marketplace quality.

Through this partnership, The Trade Desk and White Ops have created a safer advertising marketplace. With White Ops Media Guard in place, The Trade Desk platform is able to block non-human impressions before they ever get purchased. In an industry where every millisecond counts, this partnership aims to ensure that there is a human on the other end of every impression served.

“The world’s largest marketers and agencies have made clear that they want to clean up the advertising supply chain,” said Brian Stempeck, Chief Client Officer at The Trade Desk. “We think this initiative is the most powerful step yet to stop the problem at its source.”

The integration with White Ops provides a consistent and universal solution to invalid traffic – without thresholds or selective application – and reclaims advertising dollars that would have otherwise gone to fraudulent impressions.

As an early proponent of ads.txt and the creator of the Gold Standard, The Trade Desk has been at the forefront of marketplace quality for many years. The Trade Desk’s partnership with White Ops is a great example of what happens when the industry joins forces to fight ad fraud. When we block fraudulent impressions from the outset, it creates increased transparency and quality in ad marketplaces, leading to increased trust across the industry.

“Partnerships like this one help the entire industry take a giant leap forward. With our human verification technology, we’ve been able to work with The Trade Desk to block fraudulent bids even before they’ve happened. And we’re not done yet – we hope to expand our partnerships and defend the industry from ad fraud at every turn.” said Sandeep Swadia, CEO of White Ops.